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In personal relationships they tend to be uncomfortable. They often have few close friends, but will maintain these bonds their entire life. They are loyal to intimates, but indifferent and sometimes callous to those outside their circle. Never impetuous, they consider business and personal relationships carefully before becoming involved.These are family people, and family usually comes first, except where business is their primary concern."

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[MAY (1:30) 28TH]
[ mood | disappointed ]

Perhaps... if our brain is something like HDD and connect-able to the computer through whatever means, I'd want to erase some unwanted memories and data, selectively. A need to forget, and let go.

[APR (6:22) 18TH]
[ mood | disappointed ]

After being constantly nagged at, I tried riding (well not really) motorcycle with dad holding the back side. It was... hard( ´Д`). Jumping straight to this heavy machine without any prior bicycle experience just throws me off, lol. Balancing is the first and hardest issue I should address -- couldn't make it right. On my tries, it kept wanting to fall off to the right side, even when I made sure I sat up straight in the middle or putting more pressure on the left hand, so... I don't really know what I'm doing wrong. Well, if someday there's a word "sprain" popping up on this LJ, this is the cause.

BAIKU no kami-sama, tasukete kudasai.

_| ̄|○


Greys, wth? [MAR (16:19) 25TH]
[ mood | amused ]

I opened a page in wiki (about the spec. ops force) out of boredom since today's the day of the police anniversary here. Skimmed through it, and saw a lot of "Greys" word mentioned in it. Didn't know what exactly it was, so had put it under KIV instead. I continued with the wiki entry, until I read the part where the operatives' requirements and trainings include "psionic ability and astral projection", AND some of their tasks are "Grey, Reptilian and Nordic languages and culture" + "Grey saucer recovery/anatomy/weaponry".

Seriously, I went "...Wait, WHAT?". Afterwards I checked to confirm on this 'Greys' and it's indeed referring to extra-terrestrial creatures. To quote further, "The PGK is also responsible for the protection of Malaysian installations tasked with the research and use of technology obtained from the Greys. They also protect Grey dignitaries arriving in Malaysia, and maintain secrecy for these ambassadors to meet with top Malaysian leaders."

At this point, I'm already laughing hard in disbelief and questioning the government. Meeting aliens, shaking hands (maybe), and pluto-talk with them in whatever language I don't know. You srs?!

Dear wiki and government, you must be pulling my leg. wwwwwwwwwwww ハハハハハハ



Back. [MAR (20:41) 24TH]
Returned home from KL late last night after 3 days. Meeting friends and hanging around felt good (one of them said I look like err.. 16-17 years old now?). I'd actually love to stay for another night or two and go to some other places maybe (hell, still couldn't go to Aquaria), but walking for hours long on heels again isn't such a good idea as of now, lol. Brought only that. Ah... Sit invited me to go to Terengganu to an island there with her, but I'll pass on that; the place is too far.

Seen EVA 2.0 finally on the screen, great visual execution and Asuka getting the short-end of the stick as always. Just thought that maybe characters aren't properly introduced. Rushing things yes, but what can they do with just what... 4-5 of EVA movies? Mari is an interesting chara, at least (in which she doesn't mind taking risk and going for the ADRENALINE~). Should have more of her in 3.0, with a proper background introduction hopefully.

Tired [DEC (2:41) 3RD]
[ mood | tired ]

Ah...sore. 15 hours of total bus ride, 2-3 hours of trains, and some 1.5-2 kilometres of walking in 2 days can do this to you. Legs almost gave in. I felt like claiming money from the college for the transportation costs (almost a 100) since it wasn't my fault that my cert had corrections to do on it, and then asked me to pick them up from afar. But I can't anyway. :\

Silly/unimportant observation:Collapse )


[NOV (1:39) 15TH]
[ mood | sick ]

I felt horrible. The first thing when I woke up on Friday at 6:30am was a sharp pain on the left side of stomach, and then constant vomiting for almost every hour of the day, didn't even have any appetite after that. Went to a doc and said that my food wasn't digesting. Hmmkay. Why I wonder? Woke up on Saturday morning and felt that the stomach pain is slightly better, but then there was another pain around the bladder area. Another doc said it may be due to dehydration (from vomiting), also effecting the urine. Has been eating only 4-5 spoons of plain porridge, doesn't help much. Last vomited on 1pm.

A total of 6 meds from the two docs, but I'm only taking half of them heh. Crappiness. Right now I'm sort of hungry, but afraid if my body will refuse the food again.


[OCT (14:37) 30TH]
[ mood | indescribable ]

The feeling is overflowing...


Panic mode [OCT (18:59) 15TH]
[ mood | nervous ]

NOOOESCollapse )


[SEP (3:27) 24TH]
It was really tiring yesterday. Abg Yang and his family slept here, and what I mostly get are lectures of the courses thing. Ahh... My head is already full of it.

Only having not even 3 hours of sleep, then to Nanie and Azie's house. Meeting old classmates and eating as usual in Raya days. I remained mostly quiet as usual, only sometimes poking in questions and jokes. They're doing better than me, that's how I see it.

[SEP (17:17) 8TH]
[ mood | okay ]

Finally received an official letter from college regarding convocation ceremony.Collapse )


[AUG (4:40) 6TH]
[ mood | pessimistic ]

Talking to Xander... made me question my academic choices again; whether choosing IB will be beneficial later or not. Definitely crap, I waver easily, indecisive.

This week, I felt as if my mood to do things has died down a bit.


PC Fair [AUG (2:56) 3RD]
[ mood | discontent ]

I've decided. No more KL PC Fair until I really needed something next time. Pushing for trains was one thing, and going through the endless swarm of crowd was another I can't ever get used to. It felt as if... walking like a duck; one small step for every 2-4 seconds. That's precisely how it was. Add to the fact that there's currently the H1N1-fiasco going on and there's people wearing masks and coughing everywhere -- made me wary (and worried at the same time).

I first aimed for a K40IJ-20DX, but only in the last minute did I notice that the processor is actually only a Dual Core (and not C2D). The F80Q has long been sold out. My planning and budget went way off with this mistake -- Resulted in a rush-buy of K50IN for 2.4k, which is kind of... 1.6" larger than the preferable size and gave out error with the XP Pro OS CD. Managed to installed Win7 Ultimate, but the webcam software really doesn't work with it.

How crappy. Had to cancel the plan to go to Aquaria and Kinokuniya as well. Orz.



[JUL (10:11) 24TH]
I probably made a mistake. Carelessness. Blunder.
It wasn't meant to go that way.

The more I think about it, the more it hurts.

Local issues [JUL (2:38) 22ND]
[ mood | infuriated ]

As a PPMSI-supporter, I obviously have issues with the current political decision.

PPMSI issuesCollapse )


[JUN (20:38) 8TH]
[ mood | envious ]

Watching the FFXIII E3 trailer makes me want to seriously rob a bank to get a PS3. It's just f-ing awesome ;_____________;

Did a drawing yesterday, however with no scanner currently, there's only phone cam as an option:
Camshot'dCollapse )


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